Program Options

The A-Z Elite Salesperson Workshop

Looking to develop an Elite Sales Team? This is by far the best and most comprehensive sales training program on the market. As our flagship program, it includes: Prospecting, Niche Sales Strategy, Networking, Referrals, Social Media & Email For Salespeople, Sales & Cold Calling, Image, The Appointment (in person or on the phone), Overcoming Objections, Follow Up, Closing The Deal, & Sales Motivation & Psychology. Learn More

Individual Subject(s) Focus Training

Looking for specific individual subject(s) training focus? With all of the options above (A-Z Elite Salesperson Workshop) and more available, we will tailor fit your training for subject matter and time.

Continued Support Sales Coaching

Looking for continued sales effectiveness growth for your team after training? A strong coaching program is the best way to accomplish that. With regular one on one (or group option) scheduled calls, we break down every aspect of the sales and marketing process for each salesperson. Every salesperson has different strengths and weaknesses, and this allows us to identify those and focus on filling in the missing pieces that are holding each person from reaching their maximum sales success.   

Sales Assessment & Solutions Program

Do you want to establish a strong sales structure and culture that will take your sales to the next level? Let us spend a day with you and your team. We will: 1. Follow you through your current daily processes and ask all of the important questions. 2. Investigate your industry and current market and your specific company nuances. 3. Identify activities where more and less time should be spent. 4. Locate new sales, marketing and process opportunities that could be implemented. 5. Analyze all of your current resources, and more.  6. Provide an extensive report with recommendations. 7. Be available following the report for support and coaching on implementation of changes.  

Power LinkedIn- With Social Media Plus

With the advent of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator subscription service, the game has majorly changed. LinkedIn is now a powerhouse platform for prospecting and selling B2B. Whether you want every salesperson on the team and or your social media representative harnessing its power, this is now a must opportunity for every company large and small. Your team will learn the step by step process of how to carry out the best strategies for consistent success, with a commitment of only about 30 minutes a day. Social Media Plus: Learn the best free sales and marketing strategies for Facebook and Twitter.     

Online Advertising Training

Want to handle all of your online advertising in-house? We can make you expert marketers for your company. You will learn how to: 1. Place search ads for people looking for exactly what you offer on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Aol, etc. Placing strategic ads that always pay off consists of many complex pieces and strategies. We make it step by step simple so you become an expert. 2. Place paid Social Media ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Online Advertising

Don’t have the staffing resources or time to handle your own advertising in-house? Hire us to do it. We handle many successful campaigns, for many companies across the country. We will provide an assessment of which platforms we most recommend for you and a monthly flat fee quote that will fit your budget.