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The A-Z Elite Salesperson Workshop

Success Comes From ALL Aspects Of The Process

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The Best and Most Comprehensive 1 Day Sales Training Program Anywhere

Full program or a la carte subject(s) training available.

"Jason is a rare commodity. He brings over 25 years of elite sales field experience to his trainings. After seeing the results his (A-Z) workshop had on our team, I contacted him right away for additional sales strategy support." 

-Adam U., President / CEO


Salespeople rank Prospecting as the most challenging aspect of the sales process (40%), even over Closing (36%). There are many great and even new ways to develop prospects, and it is a crucial part of success in the sales process. This section not only focuses on the many different prospecting options, but also the most strategic ways of obtaining them.

Niche Prospecting Sales Strategy

Niche strategy is one of the most powerful ways to create a competitive advantage, and every salesperson should be utilizing it. But it goes much further than simply industry or vertical. Success comes from developing multiple niches within one or more different niche groups. There are even niche approaches. This section will show how to find and develop niches to help increase and create consistent sales. Presented with multiple real world examples, participants will come away with a strong roadmap for niche selling success. WORKSHOP: Participants will create and discuss their niche market opportunity list. 

Cold & Sales Calling For Success

The greatest thing about cold (sales) calling is that no matter what other marketing efforts are or are not working at the time, nobody can stop a well trained salesperson from picking up a phone and creating great sales activity. But cold calling is challenging. How do you get beyond the person screening the calls and then get the prospect interested in a very limited amount of time? This section focuses on powerful and proven techniques, as well as breaking down what a good sales call script MUST have, and why. WORKSHOP:  Participants will be guided through creating their physical call script and roll playing exercises. They will leave the workshop ready to make power calls.       

"I actually applied what I learned during the morning portion of Jason's workshop and closed a 5 location prospect during lunch. I was back within the hour and learned so much more the second half of the day. AMAZING." 

-Stefanie K., Sales Representative

Networking (In-Person & Online)

 Many believe that networking is about being good at "shmoozing," when in reality it is about strong and focused strategies that can be learned by even the most hesitant wallflower. This section will focus on how salespeople can utilize specific networking strategies for success. WORKSHOP: Participants will create and discuss their networking opportunities list.      


The most efficient way to consistently close new deals is through creating a strong referral network and process. But succeeding at it goes well beyond people recommending each other. Participants will learn how to build and maintain strong referral networks and a number of different ways to structure agreements to best fit each individual referral partner. WORKSHOP: Participants will create and discuss their potential referral networking partners list.

Email For Salespeople

Although in-person and phone call discussions are more powerful, there is no denying that strategic email communication is a crucial part of sales success. Whether its initial interactions or as part of the follow up process, how often, what time of day and the content are just a few areas of the approach that can make all of the difference in closing the deal. WORKSHOP: Participants will plan and discuss their email strategy.

"Outstanding workshop. It really covers the A-Z of sales. If someone is new to sales, this is going to be great for them. If they've been doing this for a long time like myself, this is going to be great for them as well.

-Miles S., Sales Manager


How do our marketing materials, attire and overall persona play an integral part in getting us closer or further away from closing deals? Some of the answers might be more enlightening than you think.     

The Appointment (In-Person, Virtual or Over the Phone)

Deals don't close without GREAT appointments (in-person or over the phone). Missed opportunities and even one mistake (especially repeated appointment after appointment) can make it hard to consistently close deals. This section focuses on the great opportunities that should be included in all sales presentations, and what (and why) order to structure them in. Participants will learn strategies on how to best treat each Prospect like an individual, and identify their unique wants, needs and problems to solve. This extensive section breaks down the A-Z of the successful setup for a close. WORKSHOP: Participants will craft and role play their appointment, including their process on how to identify each Prospect's wants, needs and pain.      

Overcoming Objections 

Objections are really "NO'S" that you have to then try and overcome.  And most sales objections are inaccurate or based on fear or lack of product education. What often gets missed when salespeople work on answering their most common prospect objections is, what if there was a way for them not to have them in the first place?  This section focuses on the strategies of how to eliminate most of the objections before they can even happen. WORKSHOP: Participants will list their most common objections and roll play how to best overcome them by integrating them into their initial appointment pitch/discussions.  

"I took Jason's A-Z Workshop and went through his coaching program. He is very intuitive and was able to identify what I needed. I just closed 4 new big deals that I directly attribute to what I learned from him, and many more to come." 

 -Julie R., National Sales Manager / Sales Representative

Follow Up

This is arguably the most underrated aspect of the sales process. Many people fail at sales because of this aspect alone. Often, a salesperson has a great appointment but the Prospect needs some time to consider. And now Follow Up becomes Follow Up AND Closing. How does one appropriately and strategically follow-up and ultimately facilitate the close? When? How often? When is too soon or too long and when is it time to give up (and why)? This section focuses on the strategies and structure of a strong and successful follow up process.  WORKSHOP: Participants will create their map and structure for following up with prospects.

Closing & Sales Negotiation

Once a salesperson is well educated in the sales process, closing the deal is often the hardest part. How do they get a potentially interested, but slow moving prospect to make that final commitment to sign the deal?  The answer is, it often depends on the prospect and the situation. This section focuses on how to get to close faster and specific techniques that can be utilized. WORKSHOP: Participants will discuss and assess which closing techniques will work best for their product/service/prospects.

Sales Motivation & Psychology

The highest functioning salespeople understand that psychology drives everything. There is much more to WHY a prospect does or does not buy than simply IF. Equally important is understanding what drives successful salespeople and how to harness strengths and overcome road blocks. The top 20 Elite Salesperson Traits will also be presented with a focus on how participants can take on and integrate more of them for greater success.    

Included Content: How To Stop Price Selling & The Sales Success Quotient

The best salespeople know how to sell quality and value over price. They also continually track where their skill level is and how to continually, even mathematically improve their sales success rate. By applying a point value to each aspect of the sales process, a score can be established that can be continually tracked and raised by focused improvement. WORKSHOP: Participants will (privately) calculate their current SSQ and learn how to utilize this tool to improve their success over time. 

"Engaging. Even fun. Not just another sales presentation that I've seen before, wrapped in a different package. It was A FRESH PERSPECTIVE and I learned a lot!" 

-Mike R., 25 Years, Sales Representative.

Additional Programs

Additional Programs Include: A La Carte Sales Subject Focus, Coaching, Power LinkedIn Sales Navigator For Sales Success, Sales Structure Assessment and Solutions, Marketing, Business Consulting and more.

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