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The Harney Sales Consulting Difference

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"Closing isn't hard. Being great at all aspects of the sales process so that it's a foregone conclusion is the challenge." -Jason Harney

Jason Harney Consultant / Trainer / Coach: Jason has carried out an elite level sales career for more than 25 years, which is almost unheard of for sales trainers and coaches. He has personally sold through numerous industries, including selling products and services to every state in the United States, and virtually every country in the world. Having consistently closed deals with individuals, small and medium-sized companies and in the board rooms of large publicly traded companies, he knows exactly how to empower your team.  Known for his high energy, personal, and interactive participant approach, Jason’s current, cutting edge programs are unmatched in the sales training industry.

Message From CEO, Jason Harney

Message From The CEO
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A-Z Testimonials Preview
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"DEFINITELY WORTH THE INVESTMENT. The staff and I really treasured
Jason's sales training workshop and the value it brought our company."
-Jesse G., Company Administrator

"I've been to many sales trainings and the A-Z Elite Salesperson
Workshop was
-Dustin M., Sales Rep.

"It's Jason's decades of SUCCESSFUL SALES FIELD EXPERIENCE that makes him the best Trainer-Coach and Consultant. Our experience with other training companies is that they supply people they trained to teach sales, but they lack the crucial perspective of years of success in the field. I have repeatedly witnessed Jason answer the hard questions with the strong and confident advice that can only come from someone who has been there and done that many times." -Leeza C., Operations Manager

"I took Jason's A-Z Workshop and went through his coaching program. I JUST CLOSED 4 NEW BIG DEALS that I directly attribute to what I learned from him, and many more to come."
 -Julie R., National Sales Manager / Sales Representative

"I actually applied what I learned during the morning portion of Jason's workshop and closed a 5 location prospect during lunch. I was back within the hour and learned so much more the second half of the day. AMAZING.
-Stefanie K., Sales Representative

"OUTSTANDING WORKSHOP. It really covers the A-Z of sales. If someone is new to sales, this is going to be great for them. If they've been doing this for a long time like myself, this is going to be great for them as well."
-Miles S., Sales Manager

"Engaging. Even fun. Not just another sales presentation that I've seen before, wrapped in a different package. It was A FRESH PERSPECTIVE and I learned a lot!" 
-Mike R., 25 Years, Sales Representative.

"Jason is a rare commodity. He brings OVER 25 YEARS OF ELITE SALES FIELD EXPERIENCE to his trainings. After seeing the results his workshop had on our team, I contacted him right away for additional sales strategy support." 
-Adam U., President / CEO

"Jason EXCEEDED OUR EXPECTATIONS. The team expressed how beneficial and enjoyable the (A-Z Elite Salesperson Workshop) event was. It wasn't just book knowledge. He teaches from experience. His practical approach to selling and living the talk works!"

-Michael G., Country Manager