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The Most Common Trait Of Elite Salespeople

In the Psychology For Sales Success section of our A-Z Elite Salesperson Workshop, we dive deep into a number of traits that salespeople can improve upon for greater success. But having traveled the country for years, working with companies across virtually all industries, I have found that almost all elite salespeople share this one important trait.

Virtually all elite salespeople are self-starters and can succeed with little support. They in effect support themselves and never blame the company or those in charge for their sales numbers. The mindset is that regardless of what others are or are not doing, they are going to succeed.

Salespeople sometimes complain about not getting enough support. And sometimes, they might be right. More strategy and support from the company can certainly increase sales company-wide. However, I believe that one of the most important questions to the complaint is, “Are there currently salespeople in the company that are performing at a high level?” There almost always are. And if so, the next question is, “What is unique about that individual(s) that is performing at a high level with the same amount of support?” The level of support is always subjective and opinions often vary. But, if there are salespeople succeeding, there is at least enough support and infrastructure for individual sales success to occur.

Don’t get me wrong. As someone who has sold for other companies prior to starting my own, I understand the feeling that more can often be done to help a sales team. As a sales team trainer/coach/consultant I have seen firsthand how the added support can help salespeople get to that next level of success. But most elite salespeople have figured out that focusing on what they can do differently or improve upon, is the biggest key to their success. Management is focused on many things and a bigger picture, and hoping and waiting for them to do what one believes that they should do, is not a good recipe for success.

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