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Why Salespeople Must Close Faster

The most common goal that sales leaders come to me with is that they want their salespeople to close more. This seems obvious of course as more sales equals increased profitability for the company. And the main reason organizations invest in a sales trainer/coach/consultant is to increase sales. There are many different training focus areas that can help increase sales, but one that often gets missed, is simply learning how (and why) to close FASTER.

Why it's crucial to close faster?

1. Closing faster means that a strong and consistent follow-up (and other) process is in place which ALWAYS equals a higher win rate over time.

2. How many prospects can one properly handle at a time? Let’s just say for example that the average is 10 prospects (likely more) over a two-month period. If we can learn to strategically close (or find out that it’s a no) twice as fast (in one month), we can now handle 20 prospects, or double in the same amount (2 months) of time. If effectively done, that WOULD equate to at least double the sales, but likely more. A secret of many elite salespeople is that they effectively handle many more prospects than the average salesperson, which equates to many more sales.

3. Closing faster with the right skills and strategies, also increases our win percentage. A common misconception is that giving prospects space and time to decide is the best approach. Although it sounds nice, it’s untrue. Time and space only gives them more time to lose momentum and enthusiasm for your product or service. It also gives them more time to potentially talk with your competitors or other options. The old clichés are true. Strike while the iron is hot, smell blood in the water, etc.

If your team would like to learn strategies on how to close faster and more often, please click our contact link at the top of the page.


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